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The choice to start getting better begins with a single step.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with Humanism (non-judgemental) Kristine offers a variety of ways to help you start down the path to a better life. 

Individual therapy sessions can be done in the office, via phone or Skype. 

Specialized Services

Kristine offers specialized treatment for a number of concerns including Anxiety, Depression, Perinatal Support for moms, Specialized Services for Medical Health Professionals, Disordered Eating and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Occupational Stress Injuries. 

Anxiety & Depression

Life can become overwhelming and when it does, concrete solutions are needed to help. 
Things can seem hopeless when depression occurs. With treatment, there is help and hope. 

Kristine uses an approach that combines non-judgemental listening with the development of practical tools you can start using immediately to improve your life. 


Up to 1 in 7 moms experience Perinatal Mood Disorders including Anxiety, Depression and/or OCD. These can occur at anytime between pregnancy and 1 year after birth.        You are not alone. There is help. With support, you can get better. 

As a survivior of PPD and a mom herself, Kristine is able to provide non-jugemental support and realistic strategies to help you. 

Free parking and the office is baby/breast feeding friendly. 


When abnormal things happen to normal people, PTSD/OSI can occur. With specialized help from Kristine, there is a path to freedom from these symptoms. 

She has a certificate in Post-Combat Behavioral Health, training in rehabilitation with first responders from The Medical University of Southern Carolina and has been trained in the use of Accelerated Resolution Therapy


You spend your time caring for others, let me be there to help you when you need it. I understand the unique pressures and stresses that are associated with being a health care professional such doctors, nurses or therapists (PT/OT/SLP/RT, etc.) and have extensive experience helping health care professionals to find solutions.

If there are cases or situations that you can't seem to 'put away' - Accelerated Resolution Therapy may help you to get back to the way you want to be. 


Research has shown that losing a pet can hurt as much as losing a family member. We also lose the emotional support they provided us and the stability of daily routienes. Making it harder is the fact that our society doesn't recognize how difficult the loss of a pet can be.  Talking to a psychologist like Kristine can give you a safe place to work through the grieving process, help you to learn the skills you need to cope with the loss and feel relief from the pain.

(including dental phobia) 

Phobias can make your life difficult and stop you from being able to do the things that you want to do. Kristine uses Accelerated Resolution Therapy as a non-distressing way to make fears a thing of the past. This can be especially useful for fears such as Dentist Appointments or Flying.

If you would like to use a science-based solution to resolve your fears, contact us. 


Constantly thinking about diets, exercise and body image can be exhausting. Issues surrounding food, exercise and weight can be filled with anxiety, judgement and shame.
Kristine has a wealth of experience in working with women and men who have difficulties with eating and their bodies. With help, there is a new life that is waiting for you. 

Therapy Dog

Kristine has a therapy dog that can be in the office with you during your appointment if you request. 

Blais is a 3 year old rough collie who is a certified therapy dog and loves to catch frisbees and have people pet her soft, fluffy coat. 


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